The princess goes rogue.

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“What the hell…?” Huck launched up from the couch as the bloodied form resembling Jai appeared outside the sliding door.  His feet moved quickly across the polished wood his eyes locked on her. He unlocked the door and pulled it open, sliding it along the track at sped until it banged unable to go further. “Where have you been? What happened?”

She held up his bowie knife, it was as covered in greying blood as she was, she smiled and there was something delighted and blood thirsty about it, not her usual sweet smile at all. “I had to take care of a few things.”

“An invading army?” Huck shook his head with a grin eyeing her up and down, the ripped and messed clothes, the tangled and messy hair, lines of dried blood on her face making her look like some tribal warrior.

“Pretty much.”

“Bloodlust looks good on you.” He retrieved his knife from her hand. “Come on, Xena let’s get you cleaned up.”

Jai was about to step inside when there was a low, dangerous growl behind her. She grinned again, that same delight in it. She wrapped her hand around the hilt of the knife and Huck’s hand pulling it and him back towards her as she turned around. Standing in the garden was a creature that might be well described as a troll, or a gremlin on steroids. “Here to play big boy? You know I’ve already taken out half your family for your crimes, I don’t mind adding to that.”

“Girl small weak, girl not damage Mudlud.” The creature replied. Jai wondered if it moved as slow as it talked. Wouldn’t be much of a challenge. She swallowed as the garden filled with his friends, varying sizes, some almost looked like gnomes. Okay, more of a challenge.

“Uh Huck…”

“Yeah princess?”

“Any chance you might want to take the thirteen on the right for me?” She grinned at him and stole a kiss quickly from his lips for luck.

“No, boy not fight, just girl fight Mudlud.” The creature seemed to follow well enough what Jai had said, had worked out what she was thinking and was laying down the rules. This wasn’t an all out fight, this was a duel and he was challenging her.

“Whatever you say big boy.” Jai replied and Huck released his hold on the bowie knife. “Normal rules of dueling apply.”

“You sure about this princess?” Huck put a hand on her back, she could see he was concerned, even if he was looking like he was damn proud of her at the same time.

“I can handle myself I promise my love.” Jai replied. She wasn’t sure what had gotten into her right at the moment, maybe Isnial was coming again but she was simply twitchy with the desire to fight and the gremlins earlier had attacked her first. She stepped forward and faced Mudlud.

“Princess?” She turned back to Huck at his call. “You forgot something.”

“What did…” Huck cut her off as he stepped in and pulled her against him kissing her deeply until she thought her toes were going to curl inside her shoes. He let her go and smacked her backside pushing her forward. She had a goofy grin on her face which only became wider and more viscious as she crossed the grass to stand before the creature. She tucked the bowie knife into her belt and out of the air she pulled a quarterstaff. Jai leant on it as the creature sized her up. The audience started to get itself worked up, all yabbering away in their strange language that sounded like English and still made little sense.

Jai and Mudlud circled each other and she dealt the first blow, she moved with all the grace she did when she danced as she twirled back to the right and rapped the quarterstaff across Mudlud’s chest, barely covered but for the dirt that seemed to have some kind of magnetic pull to his skin. He made an oofing sound and backed up looking surprised that she had hit him. Surprise turned to anger that she had hit him and the game was on. He retrieved from behind his back a knife of his own and what looked like a badly formed axe, more club with a blade shoved into the wood. Jai didn’t get the best look at it as she was too busy bending backwards to avoid the head blow. She avoided each of his thursts and swings moving faster than he did. She ducked around his side and swung the staff across the back of his knees. She was too smug about it though and reacted slow when he reached out and grabbed her staff snapping it. She shrugged and moved on to the knife. They danced again before his blows came for her, he was smarter than the gremlins had been and had taken some notice of how she fought and moved. He drew first blood with his knife slicing along her collarbone. Jai hissed and her eyes narrowed. He would not get her again.

She moved then attacking and not just playing with him. One hand causing distraction as the other brought the nice down across his upper arm, slicing through tendon. The creature roared but did not drop his knife. It came at Jai again. She spun out of reach, leaping to the left and then ducking back around behind Mudlud to drag her blade across his back. And still he would not drop his weapons. Jai growled but before she could attack again she felt something wrap around her legs and she was falling. Mudlud loomed over her, his reach with his ‘axe’ was more than the reach of her arm with the knife to get to him before he could take her out. There was a whir of movement from behind her and Mudlud looked down to find another knife lodged in his ribs.

“I don’t fucking think so.” Jai looked up to see Huck, the knife had been his, and his eyes were flashing with anger. “Get out.” He near roared the words as he pulled Jai back away from the creature. “You broke the rules get the hell out of our garden.” The creatures vanished one by one before Mudlud did, his body still taking time to register that he had been killed.

Huck moved around to her legs and Jai watched as he undid the cords that had been thrown and wrapped themselves around her knees making her fall, a little interference from the gremlins. Jai’s blood was still pumping, adrenalin surging through her system and the way Huck was growling at her feet was not a calming influence. He pulled the cords free and threw them aside. Jai raised a hand for him to help her stand but instead he pushed her legs apart and moved between them. His body coming over hers. “Nobody hurts you.” He growled. “You were winning.” He kissed her as passionately as he had before the fight had begun. “My warrior princess.” His weight came down on her and she whimpered into the kiss.

“My hero rogue.” She murmured against his lips. “What can I offer you in thanks.”

“You offer nothing, I’m taking my prize.” He growled and took the knife from her hand leaning back on his knees, slicing through her bloodied clothes. He pulled the fabric away from her body and grinned down at her, his eyes still intense but his grin pure Huck charm. “My prize.”


A farewell and an unexpected greeting

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Jai groaned as the envelope landed on her lower back, the sheet wasn’t covering much more than her legs as she lay dozing across Baen’s chest. She was a little surprised that they had ended up here like this, pleasantly though. Baen hadn’t seemed all that hurried about moving them along to the next level but in the space of an hour he’d brought up loving her and made love to her. Well okay so maybe it was more than an hour.

Jai raised her head off his chest and looked at the time. “Dammit” She growled rolling over, the letter slipping from her back and gently floating down to the floor forgotten already.

“What is it princess?” Baen’s voice was a heavy sated, sleepy sound.

“I should have been gone three hours ago.” She leaned over and kissed Baen again with a smile. “Someone distracted me.”

“I’m not the one who was offering me free parking.” Baen grinned, his arm looping around her drawing her in for another kiss. Jai blushed and giggled knowing she should be extracting herself from his embrace but finding herself quite happy to be where she was.

“I said only if you landed on me.” Baen grinned in that adorably cute way of his and pushed her back down bringing his weight down onto her again. She groaned as his lips gently moved down her neck.

“I do believe it’s happened again my princess.”

“I’m never getting out of this bed if you keep that up prince.”

“As you wish.” His lips started to trail lower and it took a strength she didn’t think she had for Jai to port out from under him into the shower, she could hear him groan in the bedroom. She emerged in one of her best gowns, she couldn’t go to the Summer Court wearing just anything.

“Come back to me.” Baen whispered as he pulled her against him for a final goodbye kiss.

“I will.” Jai replied with a smile. Two kisses later she vanished from his arms without even looking at the letter. She ported into the Lady Lily’s room and immediately felt her wrists clamped in iron. “What the hell?”

Jai spun around and found herself looking into dark eyes, like the depths of a cave drawing her in. It had been many decades since she had even been in the presence of a dark Fae and she’d never been this close to one. It was the last thing she expected to be confronted by in the royal apartments of the Summer Court.

“Summer has fallen.” The dark Fae hissed. “So nice of you to come and ignore the warning. You as hostage will help strengthen our position with your realm.” A series of curses flooded Jai’s mind, many spilling from her lips as she thrashed about. But the manacles were not just iron but magically enhanced too and her power and energy were being rapidly drained. She had no idea what warning he was talking about.

“Take me to the Queen.”

Filed pointed teeth gleamed at her. “With pleasure.”


A letter and a request

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Jai unfolded the letter smoothing it out with her hands. She recognised the beautiful handwriting instantly though she had not seen it for upwards of sixty years. Something constricted inside her given that bad feeling she had, had since Baen had mentioned the courts of Summer and Winter. Putting the feeling aside for a moment she focused back on the letter and read.

Dearest Jaidee

It has been too long since you journeyed to visit with us in the Summer Court and I have missed you. I must beg your indulgence and confidence and ask you to visit with me here in haste. Rumour grows that an attack is coming to our kingdom and I am fearful. Mother is too quiet, she has not been the same since Aurora was lost to her. Please Jaidee I implore you to make haste and come to my side, I know your guidance can help ease the heavy burden I feel in my heart.

Blessings always



Jai was chewing her lip pretty hard by the time she finished reading and her heart beat had started to beat out a samba. She couldn’t refuse the summons, she was bound as a Bard to go, let alone the bonds of friendship. But what on earth was she meant to do. Jai no longer had the pull or position in the lands of her birth. What on earth was she meant to do. Well first she could start by telling Baen that she had to leave, where had he gotten to while she was reading.


After memory returns

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I slipped out of bed with Baen and went and sat outside. The mask I’ve been wearing slipping away. I’ve got this knot inside me, I still don’t know how I went crazy and that scares me. Maybe it was Kelsen, I don’t know. I wish I’d been the one here when he came and knew what had happened but in my reality Kelsen never came. And there’s something else. Baen made a joke in passing about the courts of Mab and Titania and ever since it’s been playing in my mind. It’s been a long time since I journeyed to those courts of Fae and in all honesty my last trip was not pleasant. Mab and I had, shall we say, a disagreement. I have no idea if she is over it. Mab knows how to hold a grudge.

I’ve been trying to put it all aside. It’s been easy with these dreams I’ve been having. Dreams I’ve been sharing with Baen. It’s hard to know what to make of this soul touch as he called it. I know I’m beginning to develop feelings for him. I don’t let just anyone kiss me, what? I don’t. The list of men who have locked lips with me isn’t as long as some might imagine, not by a long shot. But Baen is different, I’ve slept in his bed three or is it four nights now and while we have kissed a couple of times and I’ve slept in his arms it hasn’t gone any further. I’m not used to that. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, not at all. I quite like it. And I like the way he calls me princess. Okay he’s not the first to call me that, Huck did too, so did Will. But I like it when Baen calls me that, and I love that he woke me with a kiss. Yes the fairy tale addiction is strong in me but hello, fairy here. I’m already living the fantasy of you mortals.

All my memories are still very fresh in my mind. It’s like everything happened yesterday and at times that can be a little overwhelming. I feel like I don’t have the same closure that time brings to memory, especially with certain memories. Baen bought up things he regrets doing because of being influenced by his work and I nearly cried thinking about that poor farm girl I butchered for Morpheus. Gods the memory is so fresh and clear. I can only hope it all fades again. I can still feel every heartbreak so clearly right now and it’s killing me just a little bit. My eyes fill with tears when I think about Bryn, just like they used to nearly a century ago. And Kelsen is so fresh in my mind and knowing he came back, he came for me…but where is he now? It’s all very confusing. It’s no wonder my dreams are all over the place.

The dreams, it’s amazing. I’ve never dreamed with anyone else before, not like this and even though the dreams are nonsense in so many ways I’m still happy to be sleeping. When I’m sleeping my brain isn’t there and involved. It’s easier to forget the churning inside of me. But I’m sure it will pass, healing is never a wham bam fix for anything, it takes time. I’ll be okay. I hope.


Return to self

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Jai sat outside Baen’s home staring up at the sky. She was mentally and physically exhausted but she couldn’t sleep. She felt a little embarrassed at how she had been with Baen. It showed a strength of character that he hadn’t taken advantage of her but she was still blushing every time she thought about how forward she’d been. She was feeling an overload of emotions, he’d been right about that, 137 years worth of memory, emotion and everything in between. It was kind of hard to take in all at once.

She still didn’t know what had happened. She remembered being at home, her home, well her new reality home, that still hadn’t really sunk in. For the most part everything here was the same. But she’d been at home, she’d had breakfast after Rose had gone back through the portal. And then she’d been in the forest and it had seemed as if she’d been there all her life. She started giggling remembering her time at the forest. Special didn’t even begin to cover it. No wonder everyone had looked at her strangely. Oh my god, had she really dressed ferrets up to put on plays. Jai set her head in her hands and simply lost it to the giggles. The laughter was therapeutic, a release of a lot of other emotions through the safety net of laughter.

When she was finished she felt better but still not ready for sleep. So she ported herself home. Another shower, this one a proper one and then dressing in her own clothes. She needed the comfort of the familiar and dressed in her favourite skirt, a long flowing, what did the woman call it, gypsy style skirt. A complimentary top followed that sat off her shoulders. She looked in the mirror enjoying the familiarity of it. Music was turned on and skirt in fingers she began to dance around flicking her skirt to the beat of the music. She had to stop after barely half a song, she didn’t have the energy.

She moved instead to the desk and unlocked the hidden draw pulling out her journal. Kelsen? Kelsen had been here? In her own reality Kelsen had not visited but there were still some differences between the two and this was one of them. Jai put the book back filing that away to think on some more. Surely Kelsen couldn’t have had anything to do with what happened to her. If he was trying to kill her she’d be dead and he would have no reason that she could see to make her go all kinds of crazy.

Jai rested back in the chair and managed to get a couple of hours sleep, somehow. She woke a little stiff with the sunlight pouring in a warm caress of her skin. “Baen.” She didn’t want him to get worried that she’d reverted to crazy ways in the night or accidentally ported herself half way to China. Working her powers in this reality was different and she was going to have to learn to control them better it seemed but she wasn’t quite so accident prone now, though the cold carnage would have happened regardless. Last time she’d had a cold that bad she’d exploded half the dance studio with a single sneeze. Jai went out into the garden and picked some spring flowers, she ported to a local market and purchased some lovely smelling pastries and then went back to Baen’s finding him still asleep. She smiled fondly at him. Even if nothing happened with them in that was she was still glad that the wind had sent him to her. She didn’t care what he said it was because of him she was restored again, and this simple breakfast would be the first of many little acts to show her gratitude. With that in mind she set the food up on the bench and went about squeezing some juice waiting for him to wake up.


Crazy with a sniffle

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I’m worried about my ferrets and my peeeg. Why did I agree to come with this strange man? Something told me to trust him, he seemed to know things about me, which seemed good because I don’t really know much about me. I thought I had been in that forest forever but the more I thought about it, the harder I thought about it the more I realised I don’t really remember much at all. Somehow I was just there and it felt right to be there, in the forest with nature and my little baby animals. I’m scared the squirrels are going to be terrorising my poor Felicity. I never did get them to put on their wizard of oz play for the skunks. They looked so adorable in their little outfits.




I still don’t understand who this Baen is? He said the wind sent him to me, it was upset about me calling it. I didn’t mean to upset it. Maybe that’s why it was angry and blew me into the stream. I think I have a sniffle now. I haven’t told Baen yet, I’m not sure where he is, but everytime I sneeze something strange happens. I should maybe tell him, he might notice all the exploded berries on his ceiling. Have you ever seen berries explode? It’s messy I can tell you that. And I’m not sure where his other shoe disappeared to either. I hope he wasn’t fond of it. Maybe I should try and make the other one vanish too. Or is that rude? I’m not sure. Maybe it is I don’t really know how to behave in someone’s home. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in one.

This not knowing things didn’t bug me but then people started telling me they knew me, or knew things about me and it just confuses me. And now that I can do these strange things and I don’t know that I’m doing them and I’m upsetting the wind and who knows what or who else. That’s why I’m here I guess. This strange man says he can help me, says he knows what is wrong with me and even who I am. But am I more trouble than I’m worth. I’ve already given his house an impromptu painting and lost his shoe. What if next I do something worse, something terrible? Maybe I’d be better in the forest but then what if I hurt the ferrets…or peeeg?

I’m confused. But that isn’t anything new now is it?


Felicity Ferret

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Honestly I put so much hard work into her dress and she’s off mucking about with Squirrel Nutkin. Breaks my heart it does. Now where is my pig? Peeeeeeg peeeeg mama wants a cuddle